Grease Pump, Air Operated. LINCOLN (989)

Features: Pump handles all grades of lubricants with high-pressure lube on both up and down strokes. For auto, agricultural and industrial service. U.S.A., Micro-lapped, hardened steel air valve, Seat with nitrided steel plunger and bushing help assure long service life, Includes steel cover with 3 thumb screws for securing to 25-50 lb. lube, bucket (not included), Follower plate assures positive prime at low temps, Carrying handle, Bare - 82716, Drum Cover - 91499, Follower Plate - 84775, Drum Size - 25-50 Ib, Delivery Kits, including: High Pressure Hose - 75084, Nipple - 11659, Control Valve - 740, Air Coupler - 815, Straight Swivel - 82399, Universal Swivel - 81387, Ship Weight - 25.0 lbs, Operating - PSI 150, Gear Ratio - 50:1

Grease Gun, pistol grip one hand C/W 18'' hose and coupler, 6000 PSI. LINCOLN (1133)

Features: This grease gun has a rugged cast pump head for strength and durability. Its exclusive "flip over" follower allows a superior seal for either cartridge or bulk loading applications. Tough, resilient and impervious to lubricant. The extra-heavy follower spring insures for positive priming and uninterrupted pumping action. This is a one-hand operation with similar features and benefits of Lincoln lever-type grease guns. Includes 18 inch whip hose and coupler, 2 way loading - 16 oz bulk / 14.5 oz cartridge, Length is 15-1/2 inches, Output 1 oz per 33 strokes

Grease Guns, Air Powered, 14 1/2 oz, 150 psi, 7/16 in(UNEF), Hose, Pneumatic Pump. LINCOLN (1162)

Grease Guns, Air Powered, 14 1/2 oz, 150 psi, 7/16 in(UNEF), Hose, Pneumatic Pump. LINCOLN (1162)

Grease Gun, Lever Type HD, 10,000psi, 14.5 oz Cartridge, 6" ext/Coupler. LINCOLN (1142)

Features: Lincoln 1142 Level Heavy Duty Grease Gun is the first choice of top mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals everywhere. It's designed for rough treatment on the job with a cast iron pump head, precision fit plunger and extra heavy follower spring. The exclusive "flip-over" follower provides a superior seal, allowing the 1142 to be easily loaded by suction, filler pump or cartridge. 3-way loading, Cartridge, bulk load & suction load, Rugged cast iron head, cadmium plated, Develops 10,000 PSI Pounds per Square Inch - Used to compare air pressure or liquid pressure pressure, First choice of users everywhere, Barrel is finished in high gloss long, Lasting polyurethane paint. Capacity 16oz. Bulk/14.5oz. Cartridge Accessories 5853- 6'' steel extension & 5852 coupler, Overall length 21.3/4''